Congratulations 2018 Seniors!

Shout out to the Seniors that I was blessed to shoot this season! May this new chapter, bring wonderful memories, new blessings and lots of laughs. I hope you all do well in your new endeavors, whether it's going to college or getting your first job. This wonderful life has so much to offer; as you move forward.

If I learned anything since graduating high school. It is to always have a goal big or small, and treat others like how you would want to be treated. Also, thank those who continue to support and love you along the way. Little do we realize they have shaped us into the person we are today.

Congratulations Kamryn, Bailey, Steven, and Danny!

Hello Spring!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend with friends and family. Whether you went to church or had a get together with family. I hope everyone remembers how blessed they are. Blessed that you have a roof over your head, blessed that you have a job, blessed that you are living and breathing. We might not all have what we want but we have what we need. I do my best to remind myself of that every day. I know we all have our own personal struggles, but just knowing that I faith is what keeps me going each day. Not only is faith a big part of my life, but so is my family, without their support and love I would not be who I am today.  

So without further a due here is an Easter Session I did. This family was so super sweet, and they're precious babies were perfect! I hope you enjoy these beautiful images! 

(Little guy loved the "stewie the stool" )

29 & Ready to Shine!

Who else loves the idea of a birthday session? 

Well this pretty lady was ready for one, Jessica's birthday was this month and what better way to enjoy your last year in you're 20's than a photo shoot! Girl you got it going on!  This momma has style and grace, and is the sweetest person. She was down for anything during this session and didn't let this March wind get in the way. Jessica you are such a beautiful person inside and out! I hope you have one of the best years yet!

New Year!

It's already February and I've been a bit distant! Well I'm still here and doing great, I have a new job. I work at an retirement/assisted living community, and I 'm really enjoying it. Its very nice interacting with the residents. They are very sweet, and so interesting to talk with. I've met so many kind folks, each of them have they're own story. I'm a server and even though I only see them for about an hour or two each day, it's easy to create a relationship with them. I hope to stay here for awhile, but of course ultimately my photography will be full-time.

I've done a couple of session's since November both are mommy and me sessions. These two mama's are beautiful inside and out and not to mention they have some adorable kiddos! Here are some pictures from they're sessions. There are also a few unplanned pictures of my very photogenic cousin with her little girl (Yes, Angel you and miss Alessandra! Also we got sweet Rocco in there too!)

November is Here

November is here and I can't believe it! Where did October go? Did we even have Halloween? I hope everyone who enjoys it had a good day or a very spooky month. I can honestly say Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but Thanksgiving sure is! I know most people get excited for Christmas but this girl right here is a sucker for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is literally the only holiday where you don't have to give someone something "not that its required". In fact you give thanks for what you have and who you have in your life. I love getting together with family and eating all day. In my family we usually have a big Thanksgiving lunch. Usually after lunch, after we have had to much to eat and force ourselves to eat at least one piece of pie. We find a spot in the living room. Whether it be on the couch or floor and snooze off during the football game ( its my favorite part of the day). We then agree on a game to play and make fun of my Mom and Tia (aunt) because they're hilarious together. Of course, someone ends up peeing their pants from laughing so much. I'm excited to be going back home again this year. Since the beginning of October I have been craving Red Gravy and Tamales along with all the traditional Thanksgiving food. If you don't know what Red Gravy is, its red chile and most New Mexicans know what I'm talking about. Its delicious on almost everything!

So, since I'm talking about all this family stuff here are 3 beautiful families, that allowed me to capture some sweet moments of them. I am truly grateful.


New Mexico Senior Session's

Hows everyone doing?!? Is anybody excited for fall? I know I am, it's my second favorite season of the year next to spring! Its not to hot or too cold, and it makes for some cute outfits! Well,  this past week I got to shoot a couple a senior's , while visiting family in New Mexico. I met two sweet Senior's Bailey and Steven. I was told that Steven really wanted to get some pictures with his very nice Ford Raptor, and I didn't blame him! I mean if I had that truck in high school I would some too! He was very sweet to let me guide him through the whole session especially when I asked him to move his truck a few times. Then there was Miss Bailey, she did such a great job, I was told that she was new in town for her senior year, and that she was from Texas. Bailey and my cousin have become good friends through volleyball and in my portrait gallery and favorites you can check out some of the shots I got with two of they're other friends. The girls in that group were very fun to work with and were up for anything! Bailey and Steven, may you make as many memories as possible this last year in high school and good luck in the future!

Bailey you are so naturally beautiful!....

Steven I'm super jealous of your truck!....

Jessica & Galen's Kimbell Art Museum Engagement Session

Oh my goodness! I just want to start off with, that this was my first engagement session, and boy was I excited to get this sweet couple up on the blog! Meet Jessica and Galen! They got engaged early this year at sunset on a dock! How romantic is that! They were kind enough to let me take their photo's, and when we got to the museum they were complete naturals! Jessica and Galen were the cutest couple. Giggling with each other and willing to try anything I asked of them. As usual during this time of year it was dreadfully hot, but I made sure to bring water for my couple and we also took a few breaks . It was so sweet to see Galen look at Jessica,  you knew it was true and so real (L.O.V.E). Of course, its not always about the bride to be, so when Galen asked if we could shoot a few with his Corvette, I was all for it!  The photo's turned out great by the way! Jessica and Galen I am so excited for what the future has in store for y'all and I'm so happy I got be a small part of it. CONGRATS!!


Ryli's by the River Session

Hey everyone! Its been just a bit! So can I just say that my dear friend Ryli is so awesome, that she let me take some photo's of her! I'm so thankful that she was willing to go outside her box for this photo session. Once again this Texas heat was not being nice to us but we managed to get through the evening. Ryli I know you were nervous at first, but after we got a few laughs in from me almost falling off " Stewie the stool" and almost being stung by a bee, things got easier and you can definitely see it. I'm so glad that we were able to get those few shots at the railroad tracks before we were rushed off, if anything we were adding beauty to area! Ryli you have such a good heart, and I loved capturing it in these photo's!







Kamryn's Senior Sunday

Well its official! I definitely felt my age after this past weekend! So If you read my previous blog post about miss Kamryn you know I had the pleasure of doing her senior portraits. Her mom and Nana drove all the way from Artesia, NM! (Oh how I miss home) They came in on Saturday to do a little bit of shopping (a lot of shopping). Their goal was to find a few outfits for Sunday's shoot and I was happy to give them a few ideas. As you can clearly see in her pictures, Kamryn can pull off anything! . Kamyrn has grown up to be a very beautiful young lady, with a love for Allsup burritos. If you haven't had an Allsup burrito or chimichanga you have not lived! All burritos aside, her pictures turned out amazing and she was such a trooper dealing with the humidity. Kamryn I hope you have a great senior year and that you can look back at these pictures and still love them. Love you!


Taylor's Fort Worth Session

I can't tell you how excited I was to have a session with one of my good friends today. When she asked what time we should meet up, I told her, "7am!" Yikes! 7am on a Saturday! I mean, come on, everyone knows how much I love to sleep (esp. sleeping in.)  I was worried, she would have been like, "yeah no thanks; Not today", but nope, she showed up at my door, almost ready to go (its okay girl I enjoyed my extra 15 mins of sleep too!). It ended up being a great day to shoot at the trinity and downtown Fort Worth. The clouds helped with the coolness and even though it was very humid, it still worked out! We had a lot of laughs, esp. when I couldn't figure out why back was burning sitting in her car driving to the location. Come to find out, she has heated seats! Taylor didn't realize it was on.  Taylor, I hope you had just as much fun as I did and I hope you love the pictures even more! In the words of the that little girl that passed us in the alley( that doesn't sound creepy at all),  "You are very beautiful!"

Spring time in a smalltown

These pictures where taken a few years ago, spontaneously one Easter. My cousin Kamryn has always been so photogenic. I'm very excited (and feeling old) that I will get to do her senior pictures this next month. I really can't believe shes graduating!  I hope you guys will see how much I've improved as I start posting more pictures! (obviously Kamryn makes me look like a good photographer).